Precision and
perfection in mould

Our “precision in plastic” philosophy also applies to the production of our ultra-precise tool moulds, because first-class, efficient products can only be achieved with flawless tool quality. We benefit from having our sales, development, toolmaking and production teams based close together, ensuring that everything can run smoothly – from initial assignment through to mass production. This allows us to act flexibly and at short notice, even in the event of disruption to our production process or in our supply chain. As well as regular servicing and maintenance, we also offer our customers the use of a consignment warehouse to avoid delays in their supply chain as well as a fireproof storage area and an extensive international network of partners that can be mobilised at any time at our customers’ request. You too can benefit from our more than 40 years’ experience – talk to us today.

Range of services

We offer innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and allow you to create pioneering, end-to-end solutions for your lasting success. Our production methods are as individual as the products themselves, With energy efficiency and climate neutrality being the key challenges of our times, we focus resolutely on efficient technologies that promise value for money. Here is an overview of many of the technologies used at atka Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH.

  • Precision tools and multi-cavity moulds for injection moulding machines
  • Tools for plastic-metal composites
  • Multi-component injection moulding tools (2C)
  • Jaw injection moulding tools
  • Stack injection moulding tools
  • Tandem injection moulding tools
  • Prototype injection moulding tools
  • Blanking tools

Tailored tools that last

Injection moulding tools

Armed with state-of-the-art processing machinery, we produce precise, long-lasting injection moulding tools in our production facilities equipped specifically for the purpose. Our products are guaranteed to meet your requirements and boast tolerances of just +/- 0.005 mm. We can use all technical thermoplastics, even those with a fibre content of up to 60 per cent. Our tools can be made in sizes ranging from 150 x 200 mm to 1,800 x 1,700 mm. Besides traditional single-component standard tools, we also offer special multi-component moulds that are tailor-made for our customers with the highest quality and process requirements without sacrificing anything in terms of cost-efficiency. Customers with innovative product ideas can rely on us: we will create a tool adapted entirely to their needs. Our injection moulds can meet various requirements depending on the component involved, while at the same time maximising output and availability.

Blanking and forming tools

Entirely in line with our customers’ wishes, we manufacture progressive dies, progressive cutting tools and insertion tools using modern CNC processing machinery and in accordance with TÜV-certified standards. We also make hybrid tools that allow metallic components to be combined with plastic by means of injection moulding. When planning and manufacturing tools up to 2.5 t, we never lose sight of the subsequent series production stage and can make the right decision for the right tool early on.

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Toolmaking project management

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Unbeatable quality for tools and products

We operate short channels of communication and have an eye on ongoing projects at all times, thus giving us the transparency we need in our tool production. We manage the entire life cycle, from the initial idea through to the production and subsequent maintenance of the tool.

  • Tool design using PTC Creo
  • Tool programming using SolidCAM
  • Tool simulation analysis using state-of-the-art software
  • Sampling in accordance with VDA 6.3
  • Creation of prototypes
  • PPAP documentation
  • Extensive initial sample inspection reports (with CT dataset if required)
  • Tool repair service, maintenance service, production of spare parts

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Mould construction XXL

We manufacture samples so that we can test a product’s
suitability for any
intended purpose
together with you.

Our performance also stands out in a global comparison, because we get the basics spot on: many years’ experience, proximity to our customers, highly motivated staff and the ongoing further development of innovative technologies in Germany. Having everything based close together enables our tool mould construction team to work quickly and respond highly flexibly to any changes to your tool. We supply tools up to a frame size of 1,800 mm x 1,700 mm.

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung


Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung