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Social trends, ever-scarcer resources and, last but not least, our own commitment to environmental awareness are placing new demands on how plastic components are developed and manufactured. As a plastics expert, we are well aware of our particular responsibility. Thanks to their versatility, alternative production methods and the use of renewable materials and regranulates are helping to preserve natural resources. Our corporate culture is promoting trends of this kind through our investments in environmentally friendly products and services and sustainable processes. Together with our customers, we are forging new paths and shaping the future through innovation and sustainable business management.

How we are helping

Using resources

Everyone, particularly those working in industry, has a part to play in ensuring the sustainable and responsible handling of natural resources. Environmentally sustainable actions – preserving our environment and using natural resources sparingly – are the core aims of our business strategy, and sustainability has been a key tenet of our corporate philosophy for decades now. We shoulder this responsibility in our day-to-day work – for our employees, for the quality of our products and for the world’s natural resources. So we have already taken numerous steps in this direction:

  • Recycling production waste
  • Utilising waste heat from our machinery
  • Introducing an efficient energy management system
  • Using more recycled or biobased materials
  • Modernising our machinery on an ongoing basis using energy-efficient
  • Using reusable and
    multi-trip systems to reduce waste
  • Taking part in networking programmes and research alliances (
  • Greening 6,000 m² of roof space
  • Generating 630 kWp of energy from solar panels
  • Joining the “Bienenfeld” sponsorship scheme (
  • Implementing the KfW standards for energy-
    efficient building


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Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung
Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung
Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung
Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung
Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung
Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Regranulates and
biobased plastics

With resources becoming increasingly scarce, companies are facing new challenges, and natural resources need to be used effectively and sustainably. This is prompting us as a company to adopt some new approaches and drive innovation forward. Although we too require resources during our manufacturing process, these are kept to a minimum from an early stage – specifically, when we are developing products together with our customers. This goes hand in hand with the increased use of regranulates and biobased plastics, while we also feed production waste back into the value chain in the form of regranulates. In addition, we are constantly reducing the volume of waste we produce by using reusable and multi-trip systems.

6.000 m² of green roofs

The Topgreen green roof system

We are doing our bit and giving nature some of its greenery back. We have now greened over more than 6,000 m² of roof space on top of our offices and other buildings using our very own Topgreen green roof system. Why wait? You too can benefit from the many grants that are available for greening roofs – talk to us today!

Our green roof systems can be used to green over flat and pitched roofs at an angle of up to 45°. Embrace the trend and benefit from the numerous advantages that a green roof brings. Promote biodiversity, store rainwater, filter out microparticles and avoid emissions caused by noise pollution and fluctuations in temperature. It is also a good way to improve the look of your construction project or an existing building. Why not book a no-obligation consultation with our specialists?

Energy efficiency

We are planning for tomorrow – for a sustainable future for all

Reducing emissions and resource consumption along the value chain forms an integral part of all our business decisions. Our products and processes are reviewed continually in respect of their impact and adapted in line with the latest standards and findings. We are also planning for tomorrow – for a sustainable future for all.

We are already taking responsibility for the environment and society. Even now, some of the energy we need comes from renewable sources thanks to the many solar panels we have installed. The ongoing modernisation of our machinery means that energy-hungry production equipment is being replaced by cutting-edge, energy-efficient models. We also harness the waste heat from our fleet of machinery to heat our offices and other buildings. In addition, our current construction projects are being implemented in line with the KfW standards for energy-efficient building.

Research and

Sustainable business management is only possible if we focus all our efforts on the long-term value that our actions are creating. And optimising manufacturing processes can only succeed if people are prepared to think outside the box.

We are already working with external experts and research institutions, where these complex manufacturing processes are being analysed and optimised. We are also members of networks such as Forschungsverbund ZWT e.V. (, which are fostering and strengthening cooperation and information-sharing amongst plastics manufacturers, plastics recyclers and research institutions.

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Flower sponsorships for sustainable preservation of biodiversity

Social trends and growing public interest in sustainability are giving rise to projects that are entirely altruistic in nature. To see the light of day, however, they still need to make investments, which the project team can rarely afford themselves. This is another opportunity for commercial companies to assume some responsibility.

Besides focusing on optimising its sustainable processes, our company is also looking further ahead here too. By taking out a sponsorship for the Bienenfeld project (, we are supporting the local ecosystem. Together with the team members, we are making an important contribution to preserving biodiversity by planting wildflower meadows. This project is particularly dear to us because of overlaps with our green roof systems.


Rather than simply paying lip service to sustainability, we actively embrace it every day at our company, as demonstrated not least by our environmental management system, which has been certified to ISO 14001 consistently for many years.

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