Development & construction

3D Drucker Digital 3-D technology not only lets you see the finished product on the screen from the start. You also have the CAM data and DXF files for tool forming construction. We put our heads together with you to test the suitability of sample products for any purpose you need it for.

Take advantage of the chance to put yourself one step ahead of the others with new cutting edge solutions!

It all starts with an idea – we work with sketches, drawings, models or patterns. Then, we transform this idea into reality in detailed designs with state-of-the-art CAD software from Pro|Engineer, Solid-Works and Solid-CAM.

We devise your custom-made plastic part following your specifications precisely and from there the sky’s the limit.

We might start with hand-made patterns made of wood or digital data that is transferred just as smoothly with rapid-prototyping processes. This creates such things as functioning prototypes in a couple of days with selective laser sintering.


We can use Moldflow analyses on hand in our company to test new injection moulding parts for slack and tension before building the new tool. The Moldflow also analyses it to determine the spraying points and cooling.

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