As a provider of modern automation solutions, we create bespoke applications for automating your production processes. With our individually tailored machines, we support companies of all sizes from all manner of different industries. From project analysis through to planning and final implementation, we are on hand to give you comprehensive support in this area. We will find the ideal solution for your company.

From conventional packing, bending, counting, drilling, stacking and cutting devices through to monitoring and conveying units, we are also happy to handle complex custom solutions. These systems are born out of a partnership that is managed in a targeted way and geared to your needs.


atka – your partner for
device construction

atka Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH is your partner for device construction that meets your specific requirements. As well as offering efficient, modern automation systems from our range, we can also provide you with end-to-end support for your own individual process optimisation solution, from development and design right through to manufacture.

Automation solutions
– precise, experienced,

We offer custom-made automation technology for optimising your processes. Harness the benefits of automated production processes and rely on our tailor-made solutions in terms of resource efficiency, quality assurance and increased productivity. Whatever sector you are in, we will develop and build automation systems to fit your assembly processes and production requirements.

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Assembly devices

Sophisticated assembly devices from the experts. We design and build semi- and fully automatic assembly devices for ergonomic, time-saving production. Our state-of-the-art solutions kitted out with smart features can fulfil complex requirements for the finished product.


Stacking devices

Automatic stacking systems for components from your production range are amongst the many kinds of product offered by atka Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH. Component pick-up with minimal space requirements coupled with fast, efficient stacking guarantee you significant cost and time savings when manufacturing your components.


Handling devices
for automatic
packing systems

We will supply you with an integrated system component and guarantee the highest possible degree of automation, even where complex packing processes are involved. Maximum flexibility and the ability to handle all possible component dimensions and variants are the hallmarks of our fully automatic packing systems.



Got specific requirements for process optimisation? Not a problem: we can supply the idea and put it into practice as well. We will work with you to devise the solution, from the concept through to the finished system. Our expertise is underpinned by a broad portfolio of successful projects and the skills of our designers and engineers. Everything from a single source – everything under one roof.

SIGL special machines

SIGL cap applicators
and automatic

Customers all over the world have been benefiting from our cap applicators and automatic shrinkers for over 30 years. Our solutions will help you to seal your kegs in a tamper-proof, fully automated and cost-efficient way. Whether you run a micro- or a large-scale brewery, we have just the right solution for your requirements, allowing our machinery to be integrated seamlessly with your existing fleet right from the start.

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Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung