Injection moulding

If you think there’s nothing new in plastic injection mounding, you don’t know atka.

Halle 4 It doesn’t matter whether it’s thirty parts or three million, if it’s 6 kilograms heavy or 1 kilogram light, the way things have been done for years or an entirely new approach. We’re proud to meet your specifications in whatever job you’ve got. It doesn’t matter what the wall thickness is, if it’s the gas-filled internal pressure process, plastic-metal combinations or with multiple-component injection.

-atka- produces more than 2,200 different plastic articles. MDE (machine-data recording) documents the quality standard in connection with the material, tool and machine (comparing the target with the actual value). This immediately identifies any limits during regular production and notifies the person in charge and quality assurance department with an LED display. That means that you can rely on the quality and on-time production 100%.

We bring your targets in shape

Halle 4 We’re glad to give you on-site support in any special projects you have in mind. We provide detailed consultation on our state-of-the-art tools with gas-filled internal pressure technology and tool forms for multiple-component injection technology. Injection moulding with biological materials and inserts is one of our many strengths.

Furthermore, plastic components can be refined by gluing, welding or special pressure-lettering for very special production jobs.

Our injection machines have a locking pressure of 25 to 1,000 tons and maximum injection weight of 6.5 kg. In addition, all our machines are equipped with extraction equipment and recorded and analysed with a centralised computer.

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