Ensuring safety and quality is a key tenet of our product and corporate philosophy. Throughout the production process – right through to the final checks, storage and delivery of our products – we use effective testing and inspection mechanisms that guarantee consistently high quality for our customers. We monitor, control and log all work steps precisely, as demonstrated by our certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

Certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Series and process monitoring

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Right from an early stage – specifically, project enquiry – the customer’s requirements and any specific customer preferences are discussed by the whole team and used as a basis for determining appropriate quality assurance measures. Our highly skilled QA staff will look after your product right through to readiness for series production, making use of the standard core tools such as initial sample inspections in accordance with the VDA, 8D reports, MDE process monitoring and advanced product quality planning. To ensure that these requirements continue to be met during subsequent series production, our staff have access to the latest software and hardware at all times, such as an ATOS GOM measuring system.

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung

Measuring systems

Our measuring systems offer reliable component measurement, tool dimensioning, process monitoring and detailed quality checks. State-of-the-art 3D measuring technology guarantees you a supply of professionally validated statements and data that comply with all the relevant standards, with everything operated by highly trained, supremely qualified staff. We use both tactile and optical measuring systems that are regularly maintained and calibrated.

The benefits for you:

  • Fast and efficient measuring of injection moulded parts or tool dimensions
  • Components up to 2,000 x 2,000 mm can be inspected
  • Support with planning and designing gauges and measurement recording processes.
  • Our measuring equipment is calibrated and verified at set intervals
  • Our measuring equipment and systems are reset to international standards during calibration

Forschungsverbund ZWT E.V.

The materials and technology centre Forschungsverbund ZWT e.V. is our partner for material testing and component analysis.

ZWT brings together small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are keen to leverage their pooled expertise for themselves and their business development. The varied possibilities that ZWT offers mean that SMEs like us – as well as large skilled trade businesses and industrial companies – have access to a wealth of specialist knowledge and some impressive opportunities for running studies and investigations. Here we can get support with selecting, developing, optimising and implementing products, tools and process steps in the area of materials and manufacturing technology. The ZWT site offers us twelve laboratories kitted out with the latest technology and equipment.

Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung Atka Kunsstoffverarbeitung