TOPGREEN green roof system

TOPGREEN green roof shell GDS 15 - flat roofs up to 15°

With the innovative TOPGREEN green roof shell GDS 15, high load bearing flat roof plantation can be installed in a short time.

In contrast to conventional flat roof plantation, the greenery is not planted directly on a thin and therefore vulnerable roof skin, but laid in strong plant shells, enabling the creation of roof gardens with footpath plates for paths and seating areas, and slight roof inclinations of up to 15°.

GDS 15


  1. Pre-cultivated sedum mats or sedum shoots
  2. Substrate layer
  3. TOPGREEN® green roof shell GDS 15
  4. Root-proof roof skin according to FLL
  5. Roof construction / substructure

GDS 15

TOPGREEN green roof shell GDS 15 – Art.-Nr.: 01425b


  • Plant and substrate shell, water storage and drainage in one
  • Uncomplicated laying in a short time
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Accessible – specially also for roof gardens
  • Modular system makes renaturation/reconstruction possible without destroying the totality of the green roof

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