TOPGREEN green roof system

Types of greening

We distinguish extensive from intensive greening depending upon the usability, construction, type of vegetation and the degree of care needed.

Extensive greening


Extensive greening consists of plants with a minor height of growth such as mosses, sedum, herbs and grasses. Plant species are preferred that can take frost, dryness and even temporary water logging.

Extensive greening is generally made on flat and inclined roofs with low loading assumptions and correspondingly lower building thickness. They no longer have to be watered after they take root. For the most part, these plants take care of themselves so that they need little care.

Intensive greening


In contrast, intensive greening is regularly landscaped gardens (complete gardens) on flat roofs. People mostly prefer planting shrubs, bushes, trees and lawns.

The plants need larger layer thicknesses and higher loading assumptions made of the soil structure when greening. For instance, foot paths or terraces are also thought as intensive “greening”.

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