Special machine construction

In addition to producing plastic articles, atka has its own special machine construction department. We come up with and build special custom machines for industry. This is where we’ve got high-powered capacities all over the world.

Our new development: The SIGL capper AK400 (Click here if you want to know more)

The capper

Cappers and capper shrinkers are used for sealing such things as beer barrels with SIGL shrinking caps made of plastic that keep third parties from misusing the barrels.

Streamlining production

The second focus is enhancing the production routine of such things as injection machines. atka builds its own handling and removal equipment as well as packing machines with SPC controls for a fast and reliable production routine on the injection machine.

Our experts engineer technical solutions that are custom-made to your situation for generating new ideas. You can find detailed information on special machine construction under www.cap.atka.de

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