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More healthy animal fattening under a roof of plants

Gregor Sieve manufactures plastic products for the toy and car industry.
Now, this entrepreneur has come up with a feel-good animal stall for fattening pigs.

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TopGreen – Trendsetter

In times of major climatic changes, it is becoming increasingly important to do eco-friendly farming while keeping resource utilisation down to a minimum.

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Futtern nach Bedarf

How does the "PigStar DUO" automatic pulp feed machine from atka do in pig feeding? DLG checked the double automatic machine in a SignumTest.

atka Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH offers the tested automatic pulp feed machine as a „PigStar SOLO“ stand-alone automatic machine or as a "PigStar Duo" double automatic machine for two pens along side of one another or one larger pen. This double automatic machine was tested with ad-libitum feeding in practical applications for the DLG-SignumTest.

PigStar is suited to meal and pellet feeding – with the exception of high-moisture grain – of fattening pigs from 25 kg of live body weight. Feed proportioning, water throughput and durability were tested in test stands. Furthermore, there were tests on two practicing argicultural enterprises lasting more than a year. This is why this includes one summer and one winter season.

Breifutterautomat atka’s automatic pulp feed machine consists of a white plastic container attached to a centring piece and ends in a rough trough with a circular trough plate. Furthermore, the gap opening in the bottom of the funnel can be gradually changed for proportioning with a lever in the upper part of the container. The animals loosen the feed by moving the funnel unit and the needed amount of feed falls into the trough. Finally, a circular water pipe feeds two trough nipples that is used for mashing the feed of the animals. Feed proportioning can be adjusted in 15 levels.

It was possible to see a certain discrepancy at the tests depending upon the container filling. There was a tendency for meal feed to be proportioned when the container was filled at a higher level while we saw the opposite with pellets.

Outline 1 shows the proportioned quantities of feed every ten times it was operated depending upon the setting, type of feed and level of filling where "voll" was fed at about 50 kg of feed and "wenig" with a container that was less than half full.

The quantities given here are the total of adding together the automatic machine; all of the test variables were checked by repeating 5 times. The two enterprises generally selected settings between 11 and 15 which means that as much as 6 g of mealy feed an 62 g with pellets fell in the trough with meal of feed per elevating movement of the proportioning hanger according to the laboratory findings. Tests Technik & Betriebsmittel LANDWIRTSCHAFT

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